Transition to School

Getting Ready for Primary School

School Readiness Program

Our Transition to School Program has been collaboratively developed by Teachers, Early Childhood Educators, Local Schools, the NSW Education Department, the local community and the families of Tiny Scholars Childcare & Preschool. Our aim is to deliver a program that facilitates a smooth and successful transition of our young children and their families into school.

Our Childcare Educators

As Early Childhood Educators, the Educators at Tiny Scholars realise the importance of developing skills in the areas of literacy, numeracy and self care in our transition to school program. By building positive relationships with the children in our care we also help them to gain self esteem and resilience which is vital for an effective transition to take place. Building skills such as turn taking, sharing, making friends and being independent are skills that need to be supported and developed.

Early Learning Skills

At Tiny Scholars our Transition to School Program promotes the following skills as outlined Early Learning at Tiny Scholars Child Care and Preschoolby ACECQA to support the children in our care in their readiness for school:

  • Social skills
  • Cognitive skills
  • Language skills
  • Independence and life skills
  • Physical skills

Most of these skills are developed and experienced everyday throughout our daily routines and in both intentional and spontaneous teaching and learning activities. This includes both language and music group times that are a key factor in which these skills can be expressed and developed. Some of these skills are further developed through our intense School Readiness program which includes the world wide acclaimed “Jolly Phonics” program which is used in high quality childcare centres and primary schools throughout NSW and Australia.

The Jolly Phonics Program

Jolly Phonics is a program aimed to teach the fundamentals of reading and writing through a systematic phonics program. In the program, the children are taught the 42 sounds of English, rather than just learning the 26 letters of the alphabet. The children are taken through the stages of blending sounds together to form words and then to eventually read.

Through our Transition to School program, we hope to give every child the skills and confidence needed for a smooth and seamless transition into their next stage of life at school.