Education as a Service - Tiny Scholars Early Learning Centre

We provide educational & high quality care for ages 2 – 6 years

Tiny Scholars Child Care and Preschool Opening Hours

We are open from 7am – 6pm, Monday to Friday and we are privately owned and operated.

School Readiness as a Service - Tiny Scholars Early Learning Centre

We have a highly educational English school readiness program and we work with every individual child to ensure they are prepared for big school.

Affordable Day Care as a Service - Tiny Scholars Child Care and Preschool

Affordable daily fees and Government Child Care Benefit available to all parents. (Pay as little as $6.00 per day, depending on your CCB %)

You can feel the personal and caring difference in our educational environment.

Easy Parking on Site for Day Care - Tiny Scholars Child Care and Preschool

Easy parking, located in a quiet residential street accessible from Trumper Street.

Childcare and Early Learning Services

Early Learning Program

Tiny Scholars Childcare & Preschool aims to provide the highest quality educational program and care for your child. Accordingly, our curriculum has been collaboratively developed by teachers, early childhood educators, local schools, the NSW Education Department, the local community and the families of the Tiny Scholars Childcare & Preschool. Our goal is to deliver a program that facilitates a smooth and successful transition of our young children and their families into school.

School Readiness

As early childhood educators, the educators at the Tiny Scholars Childcare & Preschool realise the importance of developing essential skills of children in our care in their readiness for school. Through our highly accredited School Readiness Program our highly qualified educators promote a number of skills of children in our care as outlined by ACECQA including literacy, numeracy, social, cognitive, physical and emotional skills.

Developing Essential Skills

By building positive relationships with the children in our care we help them to build self-esteem and confidence which is vital for an effective transition to take place. Building skills such as turn taking, sharing, making friends and being independent are skills that need to be supported and developed.

Most of these skills are developed and experienced everyday throughout our daily routines and in both intentional and spontaneous teaching and learning activities such as reading, writing, singing, turn-taking, sharing, making friends and being independent. We encourage exploration, experimentation and investigation and facilitate this through individual, small or large group experiences. This includes both language and music group times that are a key factor in which these skills can be expressed and developed.