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Located in near Denistone

Tiny Scholars Childcare and Preschool is the perfect place for families living and working in the Denistone area. Ermington is located approximately 15km South West of Sydney, just past Parramatta.

High Quality Education Program

Our curriculum has been collaboratively developed by teachers, early childhood educators, local schools, the NSW Education Department, the local community and the families of Tiny Scholars to ensure that our focus of academic achievement is maintained. Our goal is to deliver a program that facilitates a smooth and successful transition into school for young children and their families whilst regularly stimulating our younger children through affordable childcare.

Denistone Daycare Service

At Tiny Scholars we provide a long Daycare and Childcare service at our centre in Ermington. We believe high quality educators are vital to providing the best education and care program for children. Staff qualifications and levels and staff to child ratios comply with the Children’s Services Regulations and law. 

Our Philosophy at Denistone

Tiny Scholars Childcare Tell Me Philosophy

And I Forget

Tiny Scholars Childcare Teach Me Philosophy

And I Remember

Tiny Scholars Childcare Involve Me Philosophy

And I Learn

Menu & Nutrition

Our aim at Tiny Scholars Denistone is to provide the children with a variety of wholesome, healthy, nutritional meals that the children will enjoy. Our menus have been developed with the support of the Munch and Move program in accordance with NSW Health promotion officers and a qualified nutritionist. Our menu’s have been assessed against the recommendations of the “Nutrition Checklist for Menu Planning”. They are displayed in each of the rooms for parents to view.

kid child girl eating healthy food at childcare


Nutritious Meals

Our menus offer at least 50% of a child’s recommended daily nutrient intake.


Rotating Menu

We have Summer and Winter menus on offer as well as an 8 week rotating menu.


Special Requirements

Alternative meals are prepared for children with special dietary or cultural requirements.


Qualified Chef

Meals are freshly prepared daily by our qualified chef in each centre kitchen.

Tiny Scholars Denistone Community Involvement

Networking and community involvement is a very important aspect of Tiny Scholars as it also supports the implementation of the Early Years Learning Framework program. The children are involved in regular incursions from various community organisations that explore a range of topic areas relating directly to their chosen interests and play-based learning activities.

The community organisations we often network with include:

  • Speech therapists
  • Behavioural therapists
  • Occupational therapists
  • Psychologists
  • Libraries
  • Fire Stations
  • Police and Ambulance
  • Local schools and high schools
  • Local aquatic centres
  • Local radio stations
  • Local newspapers
  • Leisure centres
  • Dental organisations

We also donate or have been involved in fundraising with:

  • World Vision
  • Cancer Council (Daffodil Day)
  • Make a Wish Foundation
  • World’s Biggest Morning Tea
  • Jeans for Genes Day
  • Salvation Army Bushfires
Tiny Scholars Childcare Community Involvement