Tiny Scholars – What We Make Your Child

Children need a stimulating environment in order to learn better. Having a day to day connection with the world is one of the best ways for your child to become ready for school. This is the reason you need to choose our childcare centre in Sydney.

A good preschool will go a long way in providing a good stimulation, observation and interaction that your child needs. In this way, he can get the feedback that he needs in order to learn more about the things that happen around him.

This is exactly what Tiny Scholars Child Care and Preschool, a childcare in Sydney gives you. We have made our presence since 1990. Our school is located just 50 kilometers South West of Sydney.

Problem solving, decision making and self help are some of the things that we will train your child with here. Apart from this, we also help your child grow up in his interpersonal skills. In this way, he can greatly improve his confidence and self esteem.

Our Promise to All Parents

We have regular discussions with NSW Early Childhood Education and Care. Through this, we make a promise to all parents out there. Our promise to you is that we will leave your child as a tiny scholar.

Why Tiny Scholars?

Good questions. We, at Tiny Scholars have daily routines that intentionally and spontaneously teach children different learning activities. These include singing, reading writing and also sharing, turn taking and making friends. The following are some of the other things that you can be sure to receive from us:

Educational and High Quality Care –

All children from the ages of two to six can enjoy the highest quality educational program and care. We have a curriculum that has been developed by teachers, early childhood educators, local schools, the NSW education department, the local community and even the families of Tiny Scholars Childcare and Preschool.

Our program is smooth and provides a successful transition of children into school.

Our School Readiness Program –

We realise the importance of developing skills that are essential in children. This way, we can make them ready for school. Our school readiness program is highly accredited and our educators are highly qualified.

Personal and Caring Difference

The skills that we promote have been outlined by ACECQA and they include literacy, numeracy and also social, cognitive, physical and emotional skills. So you see, your child gets an all round development.

More Details About Us

So, if you are planning to send your child to us, here are a few things to know about us. We are a privately owned organization that is open from seven in the morning to six in the evening and for five days in a week. Our daily fees are affordable and we also provide Government Child Care Benefit to all parents.

Parking is also very easy as we are located in a residential street that is really quiet so you won’t have any hassle here.

So, Join the Family Today

If you want a preschool that takes an active care in the well being of your child, we are here for you. You can easily contact us on our website for information on the enrolment. We would be glad to speak to you and help you out in any way.