Our Philosophy

Tiny Scholars' Early Learning Philosophy

A Safe and Stimulating Environment

At Tiny Scholars Child Care & Preschool our aim is to provide our children with a caring, friendly, safe and stimulating environment which strives to nurture children’s learning and development in partnerships with families. We believe Early Childhood education lays a foundation for their future, maximizes their ability and respects their identity and language. This is acknowledged through the Code of Ethics and the Early Years learning Framework which characterizes children’s lives as belonging, being and becoming. We aim to create a welcoming environment where all children and families are respected and actively encouraged to collaborate with teachers about learning experiences which are meaningful to their child.

At Tiny Scholars we recognise that families are children’s first and most influential teachers. Our aim is to build genuine partnerships where we value each other’s knowledge, build mutual respect and trust and communicate freely to engage in shared decision making. Each partnership is unique and will be dependent upon the specific needs, interests and communication styles of each and every family.

Children Learning in an Healthy Way at Tiny Scholars Early Learning Education Centre

The Early Years Learning Framework

Tiny Scholars provides play based learning with the guidance of the Early Years Learning framework (EYLF) curriculum to promote the children’s learning and developing to their full potential as individuals, as members of their family and the broader community.

Tiny Scholars are committed to ensuring that all children are respected for their individuality regardless of race, religion, sex, national origin, ability, or status. Children with additional needs are welcome to attend the centre and we aim to ensure they are treated with respect and dignity while being included in our daily program.

We value children’s’ uniqueness and nurture future growth by embracing the individual child’s areas of interest, developing respectful interactions, nurturing the child’s wellbeing, providing positive guidance, promoting self-help skills and teamwork. Tiny Scholars support ongoing learning, offer inclusive programs featuring indoor/outdoor play that are flexible to build the program to ensure that unanticipated learning opportunities are not lost because of structure.

Our Learning Environment

We aim to provide an environment that reflects the home and is safe and stimulating for the children whilst being conducive to learning. At Tiny Scholars we encourage exploration and experimentation while meeting the interests of individual children through planned and spontaneous experiences.

Healthy Practices at Tiny Scholars Child Care and PreschoolThe centre encourages the practices of recycling, gardening and discourages the unnecessary waste of resources. We maintain a high level of hygiene to ensure a healthy learning environment for all the children.

We aim to create a strong sense of value with the community and to develop a positive and strong link between home, community and Tiny Scholars. We aim to involve the children in learning experiences that reflect the cultural diversity of our community. We aim to use community resources to aid the centre in reflecting community needs and values. We aim to be an important asset to our surrounding community.

Early Learning Curriculum

We follow the EYLF curriculum which has a foundation of Belonging, Being and becoming. We will encourage each child to experience learning in a way that is engaging and builds success for life. Integral to this is the developing sense of BELONGING - knowing where and with whom you belong; of BEING- which incorporates the significance of the here and now; and BECOMING – reflecting the process of rapid and significant change that occurs in the early childhood years. We aim to assist the children in achieving all outcomes from the 5 EYLF principles.

Our aim is to ensure the guiding principles of the National Quality Framework inform the delivery of our early childhood education curriculum.
These principles include:
Happy children at Tiny Scholars Child Care and Preschool

  • The rights of each child as this is paramount
  • The view that children are successful, competent and capable learners
  • Equity, inclusion and diversity are clearly visible in all aspects of our service delivery
  • The value of Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures
  • Respecting and supporting the role of the parents and families in our service
  • Maintaining high expectations for our children, educators and service providers.

We believe that to provide a high quality child care service, educators play an active role in encouraging and maintaining an innovative environment. Flexibility, teamwork and communication are seen as the means to achieve this aim, together with the insistence on professional standards of practice at all times. Educators will adopt holistic approaches to teaching and learning as we recognize the importance between children, families and communities where we value collaborative learning and community participation.