Community Involvement

Tiny Scholars' Community Involvement

How we Interact with the Wider Community

Tiny Scholars Child Care & Preschool have a strong involvement in the wider community. This assists children in connecting to their world and is also consistent with the Early Years Framework. Networking and community involvement is a very important aspect of the Early Years Learning Framework. The children are involved in regular incursions from various community organisations that explore a range of topic areas relating directly to their chosen interests and play-based learning activities.

Community Networking Organisations

Below is a few examples of the community organisations we often network with:

  • Speech therapists
  • Behavioural therapists
  • Occupational therapists
  • Medical Practioners
  • Bicultural Support
  • Psychologists
  • Libraries
  • Fire Stations
  • Police and Ambulance
  • Local schools and high schools
  • Local aquatic centres
  • Local radio stations
  • Local newspapers
  • Leisure centres
  • Dental organisations
  • Fundraising organisation