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About Us

A stimulating environment children will love

Tiny Scholars Child Care and Preschool has been serving the community and has educated hundreds of children since 1990. Over time we have learnt that the paramount consideration is to make your child school ready through the day to day connection with the world through stimulation, observation, interaction and feedback.

Ermington is approximately 15km South West of Sydney, just past Parramatta.

Our Child Care Centre focuses on problem solving, decision making and self-help, while promoting interpersonal communications. These are key elements which contribute to the childs development, self esteem and confidence.

Through regular discussion with the NSW Early Childhood Education and Care Directorate our promise to parents out there is that we will endevour to work hard to make your child a tiny scholar.

Meet Our Friendly Staff

Mrs. Mai – Director & Nominated Supervisor

Hi, my name is Mai and I am proudly the Director of the Tiny Scholars Childcare & Preschool. I have a very strong passion in Children including their development. I enjoy reading lots about strategies in dealing with children and I have a particular interest in additional needs children.

I have directed a number of childcare centres throughout my career and particularly enjoy working with my staff to ensure that the operation of the business is both successful and is always developing to ensure that Children, families and children all work together for the best interests of our children.

I have a particular important motto and that is that “children are our future” and the Early Years Framework is a good way to cherish a child’s interests and expanding on them to allow them to be fine young children and eventually independent adults who have a sense of being, belonging and becoming.

I grew up in a large family surrounded by lots of children and naturally this is where my passion for working with children came from. I believe that children are our future and I love helping them develop and explore their limitations as they grow into strong independent people.

I am a strong advocate for providing high quality care and education for the inclusion of all children with varying backgrounds and abilities. I believe that children in early childhood learn best though play experiences and environments where choice, imagination and independence are promoted and encouraged.

I am a firm believer of adhering to the current NSW Early Childhood law and regulations and I am in regular contact with the NSW Early Childhood Directorate in working out how children can become better facilitated.

Ms. Maha – Certified Supervisor

My name Is Maha Iskander, I have been in the industry of children services for over 10 years, I have joined the Tiny Scholars family for over 4 years now, and I am looking forward to pursue my studies (ECT).

I have chosen this career because children are my passion as I enjoy teaching and watching them grow. I feel that each child is unique and have different ways of learning.

I hold my position of “Room leader”, which allows me to ensure that child’s interests are incorporated into the programming through our guideline of Early Years Learning Framework.

My Philosophy in early Childhood is based upon my experiences and knowledge. I believe that understanding the needs and wants of a child is vital to the role as it allows us as educators to have a strong sense of belonging. As My philosophy I would like to come to work and work hard knowing that the children have learnt something through play and teaching.
Interacting with families is also a major role in early childhood, as it allows team collaboration happening to the child’s interest and in their everyday life.

A famous quote that always I adhere to is, “I do not teach anyone I only provide the environment in which they can learn” – Albert Einstein

Hello my name is Salwa Tuma,

My name is Salwa Tuma, I have completed my Diploma in Children’s services with over 6 years’ experience with working with children. I believe that working with children is my purpose in life to which I found this out when watching the children’s movie ‘Rise of the Guardians’. What inspired me the most during this movie was when a character said “We bring wonder and hope, we bring joy and dreams to children’s lives”. From that day on I knew that this was my purpose as well as my passion. I truly believe that working with children I make a difference as I provide them with the tools they need to follow their dreams, grow, “and provide them with the best start in life to create a better future for themselves and for the nation” (Investing in the early years).

Here at Tiny Scholars I am the Managing Certified Supervisor and also the Room Leader for the Kookaburra’s Room (Preschool Room). My Favourite part of this industry is creating special memories and lifelong relationships with the children and families I meet. As each child that comes into my care I treat them as one of my very own as you will find out that I call them “my children”. I really enjoy creating much fun and learning experiences with my children and watching them grow.

As part of my personal philosophy, I strive on building appropriate and strong relationships with families, children and educators. I personally believe children learn through play as this provides them with the tools needed to build on their knowledge and skills through planned and spontaneous experiences.

With my skills and knowledge in the Early Years Learning Framework and the National Quality Standards I am able to apply this to my everyday teaching, as I focus on being responsive to each of my children’s individual needs and interest to create meaningful learning experiences.

Hello my name is Kasey Cooke,

Dear Lovely Families

My name is Kasey Cooke. I am a new starter at the Tiny Scholars Childcare & Preschool family.

I have completed both my certificate 3 in children’s services and my Diploma in children’s services. I am currently studying my ECT (Bachelor of Education- birth to five years).

I have had over ten years experience in childcare and working in capacity as an assistant director in previous childcare centres. I have worked at both long day care, preschool ages and I have also been a nanny/baby sitter in my 10 years experience. There is no career that I have held that hasn’t involved a child. In fact, on a personal note, since I was 10 years old when I was asked by my year 5 teacher “what would you like to be when you grow up?” My response to my year 5 teacher was “I would like to work with children”. Also when my year 5 teacher asked me “why would you like to work with children?”, my response to that was “I had fun when I went to day care, the teachers were nice and they helped me learn and be the person I am today” . Nothing really has changed today and I have loved every single moment that I share with children. My biggest passion is seeing children grow and learning new things each and every day. There is never a dull moment with children. I find working with children both rewarding and challenging and I have used these terms interchangeably for a reason. When a child for example is challenging by constantly crying it is my job to work out why and transform that into a positive experience.

Since I was ten, I have had a passion to work with children and help them grow and develop, I was given the opportunity to have carers teach me and help me grow and I enjoyed it and want to spread my care onto the little kids and build special trusting relationships with the children and the families. When I was old enough and qualified during high school, I used to teach children from 2-8 years dancing and children ages 2-5 swimming lessons. I love being around children it doesn’t matter what kind of day you are having, seeing the children talk and play with their fellow peers and remember things you have helped them with always puts the biggest smile on your face. It is great to watch them grow up into the young children they are today.

My personal Philosophy is that I want to come to work everyday and work hard to build trusting relationships with the staff, children and the families of the centre. Each day I want to learn something new about the childcare and walk out and say wow, I learnt something today that I did not know. I want to walk into work and work to the best of my ability and continue to further develop my skills and knowledge in the childcare industry and take on new jobs within the centre as I am always eager to learn new things.

I am both honoured and excited to be head hunted by the Tiny Scholars management and I cant wait to meet everyone and look forward to being part of the Tiny Scholars family.

Mrs Bhawna – “Bhav”

Dear Lovely Families,

My name is Bhawna, and you can call me “Bhav”. I have completed my Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care and I have completed 5 years working in the Childcare industry.

The Childcare industry is rewarding and pleasant. From the smiles of the children, to the sense of belonging in the community and self-help learning are just amongst the few things I have come to appreciate in the Industry.

I have worked as room leaders in established and emerging curriculums such as Reggio Emilia and Lifelong Learning. I have worked with all ages and groups. I have been a milestone to hundreds of graduating preschoolers which has helped deepend my understanding of the grown and development in young children.

My Philosophy in early childhood is based on my experiences and learning that children are born with different needs and I need to assist in the catering of having each child learn their experience through techniques such as positive reinforcements and construct collaboration.

I also believe that working with parents is vital to understanding the child and their interests. It is from interests that are strengthen that build a happy, learning and unique child.

I look forward to working with you all and being a vital member of the Tiny Scholars Family

Mrs. Ivet

My name is Ivet, I hold Certificate III in Early Childhood Education. I have two children myself who attend primary school. It has inspired to take up this industry to be working with children as I believe ‘children are like flowers that need to be blossomed, they are trees that have to grow if they have been given the opportunity’. I believe that working in the industry I can provide the children with the knowledge and experiences’ they need to become the best they can.

I have three years’ experience in teaching Kindergarten children and also five years’ experience in teaching English as a second language to adults.

Teaching has always been my passion no matter what age group.

We, as Early Childhood Educators, as here to provide them with the opportunities to show them the right path, encourage and support them into the right direction and provide them with the tools they need to succeed. I am very well aware of children’s needs and have lots of parental experience which will helpful in this career.

It takes a big heart to help shape little minds” to which you will find out that I have a big heart for not only for my children but the children here at Tiny Scholars.

I am looking forwards to a long term partnership with this lovely centre and all the families who trust their children in our hands.

Thank you.

Our Philosophy In A Nutshell

TELL ME And I Forget

TEACH ME and I Remember

INVOLVE ME and I Learn